Starting a Revolution


It’s no secret, American’s love cars, but a revolution is starting to build momentum. Asia and Europe lead the way, approving of e-bikes for some time now. Now it’s our turn to evolve our laws and embrace electric bike industry.

Colorado is making moves. They are ahead of the curve with adapting laws and accepting e-bikes, but there is still a long way to go. To read more about Colorado’s electric bike legislation, head over to The Denver Post. 

Yahoo! Loves Elby

Yahoo’s David Pogue recently had the chance to get to know Elby, and it seems he’s a fan. This is apparent when he, his friends, family and the Yahoo crew hopped on our eBike for a test drive. Exclamations like, “Oh my GOD!” or “Oh MAN!” or “Holy ____!” were abound.

We, of course, couldn’t agree more! To check out his full article, head over to Yahoo.

Locking Your Bike Correctly

Preventing bike theft is one of the most important steps you can take as a bike owner. We’ve already discussed finding the right lock for you. Learning the correct way to protect your bike could be the difference between keeping your new ride or making another purchase.

Momentum Mag recently published an article with great tips for keeping your bike safe. From lock types to locking etiquette, head over to their site for the full story.

Elby Bike and Global Guerrilla Gardener & TEDX Talk Thought Leader meet in LA! (Love at first ride!)

The Right Lock Makes All the Difference

After all the research and shopping around, you finally did it. You bought a bike. The next step? Protecting it, of course. Choosing the right lock makes all the difference. The last thing you need is to step outside and find that your brand new bike has pulled a disappearing act.

Momentum Mag recently compiled a list of trusted locks for riders of all kinds. From kids to business commuters, you’ll be able to find the right lock for you. Check out the full article here to ensure you keep your bike forever.

The Correlation Between Bike Lanes and Climate Change

Climate change is a real issue that must be addressed. Many acknowledge reducing emissions as a way to slow the process, but convincing commuters to ditch their cars isn’t always easy. One way to do so is the addition of bike lanes.

Scientists at McGill University found that an increase in bike infrastructures made cycling more appealing. Basically, the more accessible bike lanes are, the more people want to ride. This may seem like an obvious observation, but bike friendly communities can increase ridership up to 171%! That’s a lot of emissions saved. To read the whole article, head over to Momentum Mag.

The Health Benefits of Pedal Assist Bikes

This morning, The New York Times published an article, highlighting the benefits of electric pedal assist bikes. Based on a study published by the European Journal of Applied Physiology, researchers are the University of Colorado, Boulder, gave a group of out of shape sedentary volunteers pedal assist bicycles, similar to Elby, instructing them to ride 40 minutes a day, 3 days a week, for a month.

Researches wanted to know if these bicycles would benefit rider’s health. Before and after the experiment, the volunteer’s vitals and general health was measured and recorded. To see the results of the study, head over to The New York Times.