Can Elby Convert This Roadie?


Peter Flax is no e-bike newbie. Having ridden plenty of our competitors, Flax had always felt the way most cyclists view electric bikes: Enjoyable but not for them. However, after putting in the time and miles on an Elby, it seems he may have changed his tune. Flax used his Elby to get to work, shedding 15 minutes from his commute. He also loved our throttle, enabling him to quickly get back to top speed crossing intersections. To get the full story, head over to for Flax’s review.

The Correlation Between Bike Lanes and Climate Change

Climate change is a real issue that must be addressed. Many acknowledge reducing emissions as a way to slow the process, but convincing commuters to ditch their cars isn’t always easy. One way to do so is the addition of bike lanes.

Scientists at McGill University found that an increase in bike infrastructures made cycling more appealing. Basically, the more accessible bike lanes are, the more people want to ride. This may seem like an obvious observation, but bike friendly communities can increase ridership up to 171%! That’s a lot of emissions saved. To read the whole article, head over to Momentum Mag.