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The Health Benefits of Pedal Assist Bikes

This morning, The New York Times published an article, highlighting the benefits of electric pedal assist bikes. Based on a study published by the European Journal of Applied Physiology, researchers are the University of Colorado, Boulder, gave a group of out of shape sedentary volunteers pedal assist bicycles, similar to Elby, instructing them to ride 40 […]

Elby Takes on LA Rush Hour with Another Commuter Race

With all the excitement about the recently launched Metro Line, The Hollywood Reporter decided to send its staff on a race from DTLA to Santa Monica to see which means of transportation would fare the fastest. Senior Writer Gary Baum took his car, Senior Writer Seth Abramovitch grabbed the Metro, and Features Editor Peter Flax […]

Commuting In Style

By now, the benefits of ditching your car for a day or three or three hundred are as well known as your grandmother’s Facebook password (hint: it’s her cat’s name, all caps). We’ve heard it all: health benefits, cost savings, mood enhancement, saving the world, look better in tight pants, you name it. If you […]